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    • The dinner set with David.  Tuesday evenings, 7-9 pm.  9/13, 9/27, 10/11 and 10/25.    The dinner set is a lofty goal to be sure, but not one that's completely out of reach.   This course series will be focusing less on the actual construction of individual objects, and more on the fine detailing and finish quality that make a set truly a set.  How do a cup a bowl and a plate relate to each other? How do you make each of those individual objects feel finished and complete in and of themselves, but also part of a larger set of work?  In this series we will be going over those questions, and hopefully getting you on the path to make more intentional and fully realized pottery.  Over the course of this I will be making a dinner set.  (Big plates, dessert plates, bowls, cups, gravy boats, pitchers etc...) You are welcome to make a dinner set, but there's no reason you cant make some other set of work. Maybe you want to do a coffee set, or a set of vases. That's a-ok.  A lot of the information here will still apply to you!  The point of this class is less in the creation of a set, and more in being consistent in your throwing, improving finish quality, and thinking through your work ahead of time.  All of which are critical in making a set of work.    Class 1: September 13.  Glazing.  You heard me.  We're starting this course off talking about glazing.  Part of the challenge of the set is making it all come together with the glaze application.  All too often, we make objects without fully considering (or considering at all) the impact that the glaze will have on the finished piece.  This class will dive deeper into glaze application and design to make sure that when you start making work, you have a better idea of where you're headed.  Knowing right away that you're going to apply slip to get the effect you want will make all the difference when it comes time to throw the work.  Are you using a drippy glaze? Make sure you have a lip in the foot to catch drips.  Make sure that you're leaving space for those drips in a way that make sense with the piece. I expect you all to make some test tiles and really consider your glaze choices before you start making the work.    Class 2: September 27. Bowls and plates. For class two, Ill be diving in to a deeper discussion on trimming.  Trimming really is where everything starts to come together.  It's also where most people's finish quality really suffers.  This is the moment to make sure that you are working towards a coherent set. This is the moment to carry details between objects and make sure that every individual object is speaking to the others.  Its also really important that when you throw an object on the wheel, you have some idea of how that piece is going to be trimmed.  There's nothing worse than sitting down to trim, and realizing that you dont have enough clay to do what you were planning.    Class 3: October 11. Cups.  Cups are a surprisingly difficult object to get totally right.  Its the only object that you pick up regularly, and its usually the only object that touches your lips (one of the most sensitive parts of your body).   Since you're handling the cup so much more than the plates and bowls and gravy boats, its all the more important that the details of the cup are done well.  For cups Ill be talking specifically about the rim and handles.  Ill show a couple different styles of handle, and go over the impact that the rim can have on the overall style of the cup.     Class 4: October 25 Other stuff/ course round up. The last class is designed as a sort of catch up class.  What objects do you want to see made? What forms would really pull together your set of work?  Have you had any particular issues with anything? Now is the time to ask!      
    • Hi David! I know we are doing glazing next week for the final class. I was wondering if we could learn about bubble glazing as part of this glazing class? Also are the under glazes in studio the right type for this kind of process, and also if this is too messy of a process to do in the studio?
    • Hi Dana, Love the idea of a place to share what we are all working on. I also have been posting more of my ceramics on my Instagram @thewaight. I hope to photograph and post more soon-ish.    This is a piece I just finished. Also with tape resist. I used just a little amaco underglaze because I love seeing the clay and a matte finish.  nice to meet you, Courtney   
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