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We offer a hands-on digital clay learning community. ClaySocial is not only a place to connect with other clay artists, we also provide ample access to live instructors, demos, and feedback.
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    • What are some ideas that you have for a class project?!
    • We will meet on February 2nd to talk about our first monthly studio form! Decorated Mugs! While it may seem simple, the decorated mug leaves SO MUCH room for expression.  We will go over:  Different mug shapes and styles. Handles. Slip/Underglaze decorating techniques.  With decorations, glazing will be relatively simple. So we will spend an extensive amount of time on decorating!
    • Here is a brief run down of what our project series looks like! We meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month. Sign-up for the class via signup.com guarantees you a wheel, but the demonstration is open to everyone! Breakdown -  1st week Review completed projects from the month prior.  Start the next project.  Wet work, trimming, etc.  3rd week Troubleshoot challenges discovered during the first 2 weeks. Finish demonstrating the project. Glazing, decorating, etc.  Discuss possible topics for the next month!
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