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  2. Hello Everyone! We are newly busy with the studio reopening so aren't posting on here much. But if you ever have a question do not hesitate to message me! Please take a look at all of our great videos, and if you have a request for more videos let me know! 

  3. Create a free account to have access to instructor feedback, digital classes and demos, and an amazing online ceramics community. In Seattle and looking to get work fired and/or glaze your pieces? We still offer subscriptions for that!
  4. Hi Everyone! Today is week 2 of our Handbuilding 101 8-week course! Check out the new video on templates here - 

    Let me know if you have any questions!

  5. Hey everyone! Me again, 

    Just a reminder that I am online again today to answer your questions! 
    In preparation for the studio reopening I don’t have a new video for you today, but we have so many awesome demos in our library check them out! 
    Not sure where to start? Let me know and I’ll happily give you a recommendation. 🙂

  6. Hello! I will be online today until 9pm to answer any and all of your questions! And if you'd like to video chat let me know!


  7. Hello! I will be online today until 9pm to answer any and all of your questions! Also, if you'd like to video chat to get a clearer answer to anything you are working on let me know and I can pop on a chat. 🙂

    Today we are launching Lesson 1 of our 8-week handbuilding course. 🙂 Check it out here:


  8. Becca here! I'll be online until 9pm to ask any questions. Also, if you would like to schedule time to have a live video chat to ask any questions, send me a direct message and we can that up as well!

  9. New Demo Today! Working on the wheel? How to center and throw a tumbler.

    I will be online until 9 tonight if you have any questions. 🙂

    I won't be live this afternoon BUT if you want to have a video call at anytime, just let me know!

  10. New demo is now live! Check it out to learn how to make your own decorative sprig molds. Sprig molds are a great way of adding sculptural details to functional wares. 

    I'll be online all day to answer any questions you may have. I'll also be hosting a LIVE q&a hour from 6-7pm. Check back here closer to that time for the link to join in. 


    Join the LIVE q&a here: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75134820437?pwd=eFY4U0x3YldHVmFreGt2UVp2R1R6UT09

  11. Check out the NEW DEMO : Coil Built Pitchers 
    I will be available to answer any questions you may have until 9pm & LIVE on Zoom at 2-3pm.
    Enjoy the sunshine today everyone!

    Click HERE to Join Zoom chat 

  12. New demo is now live! Check it out for tips and tricks on pulling and attaching handles. 

    I'll  be on here from 6-7 for a LIVE Q&A hour, so if you have any questions, feel free to pop in and say hello! I'll post the link to the live feed on here shortly before 6.


    Follow this link to join me live:

    1. Robyn To

      Robyn To

      Do you have any tips for making a workspace at home? (Is dried clay/dust something to worry about?)

    2. Becca Headline

      Becca Headline

      Yes, it definitely is something to worry about! Check out the video in the demo forum titled: "Setting up an At Home Studio" for all sorts of tips for keeping your space clean as well as many other tips for getting set up


    3. Robyn To
  13. NEW DEMO on Divider Dishes -- wonderful for snacks and appetizers. 
    Go check it out in the Demo Library.

    I will be LIVE on Zoom at 2 for any questions, feel free to voice via video, or text chat.
    Have a lovely day and stay safe everyone!!

  14. Check out todays demo on making use of materials you can find in your kitchen to make your own molds to construct with. Molds can be a very great tool when it comes to hand building. Typically they're made from bisque ware or plaster, but with limited resources available at this time we can still make do with what we already have on hand!

    I'll be online all day from 9am-9pm answering you're questions. I'll also be going live from 6-7pm for any questions as well! Check back here closer to that time for the link to the live session. 

    Follow the link to join me LIVE:

  15. Check out todays demo on Slip Decoration -- I go over a wide variety of ways you can use slip to decorate your pieces. I think slip is a wonderful and very underrated material in ceramics. It's cheap, you most likely always have some on hand -- something so simple can really elevate your pieces.

    I will also be hosting a LIVE Question hour on Zoom at 2pm today -- Join in video, text or voice chat. 
    Have a lovely day everyone!

  16. Hey Clay Friends! Let me know if you have any questions today- I'll be monitoring the forum form 9am-9pm. 
    LIVE Q&A at pm on Zoom at 6pm: Link will be posted here shortly beforehand! 
    Link to LIVE chat:
  17. Hello everyone - I will be here today from 9-9pm -- LIVE on Zoom at 2pm
    Link will be posted at 2pm - feel free to join via video, chat or text.

    Let me know if you have any questions! 
    Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!


  18. Thank you to everyone who is apart of our amazing community. We are so excited to be running ClaySocial and to keep this community going digitally. Unfortunately, our physical studio is still around and racking up bill even though we are not allowed to use it to it's fullest capacity. Please consider donating to help us through this difficult time for small businesses. Click Here to Donate
  19. If you signed up on a different site prior to the launch of Clay.Social you may be wondering what subscription level you are! You can always check by visiting your profile page and looking directly under your name.
  20. Welcome to our new ClaySocial site. We hope that you enjoy the new look and feel! If you have any questions comment below!
  21. Head over to www.seansclaycorner.com/order-supplies! Pick up hours are 10am - 2pm and 4pm - 8pm everyday except Tue/Fri.
  22. During our studio closure we are limiting all access to the studio to only the front gallery. This means that if you need a personal item from the studio then we will get it for you and leave it out for you. Steps to getting personal items from the studio: 1. Email info@seansclaycorner.com and let us know what items you'd like from your cubby or other places in the studio. 2. We are in the studio on Monday and Thursday mornings to prep pick-ups. Once we have received your request, we will designate an area in the front gallery for you to leave your things and then email you. 3. Once you receive that email, you can come by any day between 10 am - 8 pm to drop off your things. You do NOT need to come by on Monday/Thursday mornings.
  23. Check out this thread to see what we have planned and when live question hours will be held. Demos are posted at 9 am the day of. Who is live when? Sunday - Becca; Monday/Tuesday - Ciara; Thursday - Becca; Friday - Sean CALENDAR Tuesday 6/2 - Wall Blobs + How to Roll a Slab-- LIVE for questions @ 5pm Ciara will demonstrate how to handbuild a wall blob, a functional or decorative wall piece, as well as how to roll out a slab. Friday 6/5 Wheel Throwing 101; Tumbler -- LIVE for Questions @ 2 pm Sean will detail the steps to creating the first fundamental form on the wheel, the cylinder. Sunday 6/7 Tuesday 6/9 - Butter Dish -- LIVE for questions @ 5pm Ciara will demonstrate how to make a butter dish. Friday 6/12 - Wheel Throwing 101; Bowls -- LIVE for Questions @ 2 pm Sean will detail the steps to creating the second fundamental form on the wheel, the bowl.
  24. We plan to keep ClaySocial up and running even after we reopen the studio. All subscribers to ClaySocial will have priority on upgrading their subscription from only ClaySocial to an in-studio membership too. Studio memberships will include access to ClaySocial. So, there is no need to put down a deposit for a studio membership spot if you are an active ClaySocial subscriber. Questions? Comment below
  25. This service is available only for ClaySocial subscribers. To subscribe - Click Here **UPDATED** How to get work fired: Drop off your work any time! We are open 5 days a week! Monday: 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm Wednesday: 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm Thursday: 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm Saturday: 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm Sunday: 10 am - 2 pm, 4 pm - 8 pm When you arrive, please call 206.486.7213 and we will come out to assist you. After you have dropped it off we will get it fired and then email you to pick-up when they are out of the kiln. This service is available only for ClaySocial subscribers. To subscribe - Click Here
  26. Welcome to ClaySocial! ClaySocial is an online community for clay artists of all kinds. It is run and managed by The Clay Corner in Seattle, WA. Even though we are in Seattle, we know that there are clay artist all around that are looking for a community! So, welcome. 🙂 Services Offered: ($60/m) New clay demos posted 3 days a week. Live feedback from instructors via direct message 5 days a week from 9 am to 9 pm. (Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri,Sun) Live video question hours 5 days a week hosted by instructors. Participate any way you choose, video, voice, or text chat. We will answer in our live stream! An amazing community of artists to help each other grow their passion. Free drop-off/pick-up firing services. ** Access to a glazing studio where you can glaze your pieces with in studio glazes. ** **These services are extra add-ons as they are only relevant to local subscribers. ClaySocial is a paid virtual classroom. To subscribe and gain access to our main forum click here. ClaySocial is free for members of our physical studio. If you are a member and do not have access, please email info@seansclaycorner.com.
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