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We offer a hands-on digital clay learning community. ClaySocial is not only a place to connect with other clay artists, we also provide ample access to live instructors, demos, and feedback.
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    • Create a free account to have access to instructor feedback, digital classes and demos, and an amazing online ceramics community.  In Seattle and looking to get work fired and/or glaze your pieces? We still offer subscriptions for that!
    • Thank you to everyone who is apart of our amazing community. We are so excited to be running ClaySocial and to keep this community going digitally. Unfortunately, our physical studio is still around and racking up bill even though we are not allowed to use it to it's fullest capacity. Please consider donating to help us through this difficult time for small businesses.  Click Here to Donate
    • If you signed up on a different site prior to the launch of Clay.Social you may be wondering what subscription level you are! You can always check by visiting your profile page and looking directly under your name.   
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