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  1. New demo is now live! Check it out to learn how to make your own decorative sprig molds. Sprig molds are a great way of adding sculptural details to functional wares. 

    I'll be online all day to answer any questions you may have. I'll also be hosting a LIVE q&a hour from 6-7pm. Check back here closer to that time for the link to join in. 


    Join the LIVE q&a here: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/75134820437?pwd=eFY4U0x3YldHVmFreGt2UVp2R1R6UT09

  2. New demo is now live! Check it out for tips and tricks on pulling and attaching handles. 

    I'll  be on here from 6-7 for a LIVE Q&A hour, so if you have any questions, feel free to pop in and say hello! I'll post the link to the live feed on here shortly before 6.


    Follow this link to join me live:

    1. Robyn To

      Robyn To

      Do you have any tips for making a workspace at home? (Is dried clay/dust something to worry about?)

    2. Becca Headline

      Becca Headline

      Yes, it definitely is something to worry about! Check out the video in the demo forum titled: "Setting up an At Home Studio" for all sorts of tips for keeping your space clean as well as many other tips for getting set up


    3. Robyn To
  3. Check out todays demo on making use of materials you can find in your kitchen to make your own molds to construct with. Molds can be a very great tool when it comes to hand building. Typically they're made from bisque ware or plaster, but with limited resources available at this time we can still make do with what we already have on hand!

    I'll be online all day from 9am-9pm answering you're questions. I'll also be going live from 6-7pm for any questions as well! Check back here closer to that time for the link to the live session. 

    Follow the link to join me LIVE:

  4. Hey Clay Friends! Let me know if you have any questions today- I'll be monitoring the forum form 9am-9pm. 
    LIVE Q&A at pm on Zoom at 6pm: Link will be posted here shortly beforehand! 
    Link to LIVE chat:
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