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May/June - Wednesday PM - Wheel Throwing with Sean! (Mugs, Decorating, and Small Plates)

Sean Kelly

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This class will meet every other week starting May 10th for four total classes! (We will meet @ 7 pm on 5/11, 5/25, 6/8, 6/22.)

It isn't a drop-in class! Visit - https://signup.com/go/Yuhtwps to sign up. 

You are expected to attend every class and participate in class projects.


We will not be going over the basics, so please be sure that you have either been at the studio for two months prior to May or have previous experience throwing. You should have familiarity with cylinders, bowls, trimming, and glazing. 


Class Schedule:

May 11th; Cups and handles + Decorating

May 25th; Small Plates/ Saucers

June 8th; Glazing

June 22nd; Show and Tell (bring your finished pieces) + bonus techniques to work on post class. 


This forum is where we will communicate about the class and for you to ask questions!

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  • Sean Kelly changed the title to May/June - Wednesday PM - Wheel Throwing with Sean! (Mugs, Decorating, and Small Plates)

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