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May/June - Tuesday PM - Handbuilding with Jane! (Large Forms)


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This class will meet Tuesday night at 7:00 for four weeks, meeting every other week. We will have the opportunity to make large and complex forms that take time. Learn how to achieve a smooth shape and use colored and textured clay to complete your project. We will use slip and underglaze to decorate our piece. This class is open to anyone at any clay experience level, but is not a "drop-in" class. There is a lot to cover and I will not be able to catch you up during the next class. Visit https://signup.com/go/Yuhtwps to sign up.

May 10: Basic project overview and set up and how to continue to make your piece bigger and more finished. This class will consist entirely of demonstrations, you will start and progress on your piece your over the next two weeks until we meet again.

May 24: Finishing and enhancing your piece. Bring your work in progress to this class. I will demonstrate a basic overview of finishing off your work and we will troubleshoot and discuss the next steps for individual projects. 

June 7: Now that your piece is dry or bisqued, we will discuss glazing (or not glazing), firing, underglazes and other surface decoration. We can troubleshoot and discuss individual projects.

June 14: Show off your work! Everyone will have something to show. We will talk about ideas, where to go from here, and any other building or decorating techniques you are interested in


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