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July/August Saturday AM Wheel Throwing with Jane (Combined + Altered Forms)

Sean Kelly

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This class is open to all members that have mastered a basic cylinder; we will not be covering beginning throwing. In order to practice a technique during the class session, you will need to throw some pieces and have them at a leather hard state. I will discuss and demonstrate all of the homework in the previous class.

(7/9) Session 1. Learn how to take your basic cylinder and alter it by applying pressure to deform it, both with the wheel spinning and with a leather hard piece. We will cover sprigs, stamping and inserts.

               Homework: Throw some thin walled bowls and cylinders and dry them to leather hard

(7/23) Session 2. Today we will take a bowl and a cylinder and alter it by cutting and perhaps removing sections of clay. These “darts” will allow us to form interesting and asymmetrical forms.

               Homework: Throw a cylinder with no bottom and dry it to soft leather hard on the bat.Throw a tall thinner one and a wide, low walled cylinder.

(8/6) Session 3. We will take our exploration of non-rounded form farther by making traditional flasks and an oval or rectangular baking dish with a lid.

               Homework: Sketch a complex form and throw the first piece. Let it dry to soft leather hard.

(8/20) Session 4. We will combine thrown sections to make larger and more interesting forms. These can include large and shapely vase forms, and complicated double wall forms.

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